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Carrying stuff on your head is so third-world, but I would like for that to change. I want to wake up to an America where this habit has become deeply embedded, to the point that celebrities like Kim Kardashian are seen routinely walking about with a sizeable load of goods perched on their heads.


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At first I thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me; However, slowly, but surely, my hairline appears to be receding. It's moving at glacial speeds, and it's almost imperceptible to point that sometimes I fool myself into thinking that nothing has changed. Things are changing though and I've accepted it, I guess.

Who knows how long this process takes, anyway. All I know is that I'm not going to wear a cap or a combover. If the hair is going to go, then it's going to go.


organizational growth

The organization I work for has gone from having around 120 employees to over 200 employees in a matter of months. We used to occupy a single floor, but now we've spread out to four floors. There are so many new faces in the hallways, and it's reached the point where many times I don't even recognize who they are.

It was exciting at first that we started getting new people, but now it's kind of becoming overwhelming. So many people now have only a few months of having been employed at this company, and meanwhile, people like myself have five years under the belt. Sometimes I feel like I'm some kind of ancient immortal being, living among short-lived humans. You got eight months here? That's just a breeze.

I'm comfortable working here, but I'm a bit afraid at how quickly the years have flowed by. I'm afraid that before I know it, I'll have reached 10 years at the company. Why should I be afraid though? Is it because lack of change is somehow related to lack of career growth? It's entirely possible that I could find better opportunities by jumping from one company to another. However, I enjoy working here and the compensation & benefits it provides.


Someone at work has introduced me to the amazing world of DC Comics. He's been providing me with his hand-picked selection of comics.  I've read comics on Green Lantern, The Flash, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Justice League.


  It has been 2 years, 10 months, and 9 days since the last time I posted a journal entry.  It feels strange to see these huge gaps between entries, and makes me think about how quickly the time seems to have gone by.  So what has happened since the last time I wrote on here?

  • The brats are now 7 and 4 years old.

  • I decided to do more exercise towards the end of 2012, and ended up losing 34 lbs.

  • I've been commuting by bicycle 8 miles per day for over a year now.

  • I've taken up hiking as a hobby and as a form of exercise, and been doing it for over a year.

  • I've recently started training for a half marathon which is coming up in early May.

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chili beans

I made chili beans this morning, and it came out better than expected.  Immediately after finishing this, I then prepared breakfast for the little brats.  All in all, it took me from 8am until just a few minutes ago to do these two things, including the time it took me to go to the store to buy the ingredients for the chili beans, and the time to clean up all the dirty dishes.
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2 years

Wow, it has been a little over two years since I've updated this thing. I had to wipe off the dust forming on the post entry page.

Of course, a lot has happened since I last updated. Most notably we now have two kids: a four year old boy, and a one year old girl. I've found a new job in downtown L.A. as a data analyst, which pays about 22% more than my previous job. The job is slightly further away, but I am commuting by metrolink train. And it had given me to take naps or do some reading. Currently, I'm working on finishing The Count of Monte Cristo.

Well this is my two year update, and I'm not sure when I'll write on here again. Most likely nobody reads this thing, but I do enjoy going over these old posts of mine and reading about things that I forgot about.

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