Mexican Food Snob (kramerino) wrote,
Mexican Food Snob

organizational growth

The organization I work for has gone from having around 120 employees to over 200 employees in a matter of months. We used to occupy a single floor, but now we've spread out to four floors. There are so many new faces in the hallways, and it's reached the point where many times I don't even recognize who they are.

It was exciting at first that we started getting new people, but now it's kind of becoming overwhelming. So many people now have only a few months of having been employed at this company, and meanwhile, people like myself have five years under the belt. Sometimes I feel like I'm some kind of ancient immortal being, living among short-lived humans. You got eight months here? That's just a breeze.

I'm comfortable working here, but I'm a bit afraid at how quickly the years have flowed by. I'm afraid that before I know it, I'll have reached 10 years at the company. Why should I be afraid though? Is it because lack of change is somehow related to lack of career growth? It's entirely possible that I could find better opportunities by jumping from one company to another. However, I enjoy working here and the compensation & benefits it provides.
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