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New Year, New You

Last November, I transitioned to a new position as a supervisor. I was primarily interested in this position not because of the pay increase (which was minimal), but instead, I did it for the opportunity of being able to gain this new experience.

In my previous position, I was mostly focused on delivering results based on my technology skills. In my new position, I am still using my technology skills, but now there is an emphasis in dealing with interpersonal matters. I've had so many one-on-one meetings with my team to talk about their concerns and issues. I've had to spend time reading through cover letters and resumes, screening candidates, and scheduling in-person interviews. I've had to speak on behalf of my team with other managers/supervisors to resolve issues between teams.

Some days, I think it would've been easier to have stayed in my old position. My old position had become predictable, not too challenging, and comfortable. Other days, which is most days I would say, I am glad to have taken this position with all of it's challenges.

I hope to make a difference in my time here as a supervisor. I want to help my team work towards building something that we can all look back on and be proud of.

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Skate or die

I took Anthony to a shop to pick out a skateboard, which is what he's been asking for all summer. I let him pick out the type of board and wheels.

Later that night, his friend and him where testing it out on the driveway when it slipped out from under them and sped off into the street where it was immediately trampled by a passing truck.

I saw the board as it perfectly aligned itself in the path of the truck's rear tire. All I could think was about all the brand new components and how they would be ruined under the weight of the truck. $135 gone down the drain and the boy's dream crushed.

Luckily, besides a scratch, the skateboard doesn't seem to have sustained any kind of damage.

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Today is Anthony's 10th birthday party. We'll be celebrating it at Shakey's Pizza.

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Game of Thrones

I've been obsessing over season 7 of Game of Thrones. Two nights ago, a coworker gave me the leaked episode 6, "Death is the enemy." This episode was everything I was hoping it would be. It had me by the edge of my seat, and I was frantically stroking my hair during many of the intense scenes.

I will rewatch the episode this Sunday, so I can relive this glorious episode. I will then immediately hop online to catch up on fan reactions and fan theories.

Once the the season is over, I'd like to rewatch the entire series in preparation for the final season next year. At the same time, I'm planning to get started on reading the books.
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Carrying stuff on your head is so third-world, but I would like for that to change. I want to wake up to an America where this habit has become deeply embedded, to the point that celebrities like Kim Kardashian are seen routinely walking about with a sizeable load of goods perched on their heads.


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At first I thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me; However, slowly, but surely, my hairline appears to be receding. It's moving at glacial speeds, and it's almost imperceptible to point that sometimes I fool myself into thinking that nothing has changed. Things are changing though and I've accepted it, I guess.

Who knows how long this process takes, anyway. All I know is that I'm not going to wear a cap or a combover. If the hair is going to go, then it's going to go.


organizational growth

The organization I work for has gone from having around 120 employees to over 200 employees in a matter of months. We used to occupy a single floor, but now we've spread out to four floors. There are so many new faces in the hallways, and it's reached the point where many times I don't even recognize who they are.

It was exciting at first that we started getting new people, but now it's kind of becoming overwhelming. So many people now have only a few months of having been employed at this company, and meanwhile, people like myself have five years under the belt. Sometimes I feel like I'm some kind of ancient immortal being, living among short-lived humans. You got eight months here? That's just a breeze.

I'm comfortable working here, but I'm a bit afraid at how quickly the years have flowed by. I'm afraid that before I know it, I'll have reached 10 years at the company. Why should I be afraid though? Is it because lack of change is somehow related to lack of career growth? It's entirely possible that I could find better opportunities by jumping from one company to another. However, I enjoy working here and the compensation & benefits it provides.