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"Ya lo sabes que soy pajarera
En los campos me vivo cantando 
disfrutando de la primavera 
de las aves sus pulidos cantos."

Suddenly Gerardo jumped up again and came to the
edge of the porch; his face flamed scarlet to the roots of
his stiff black hair.  He thrust out his jaw aggressively,
clenching his teeth.

"You," he vociferated, "I'll tell you what you are.
You're a--a--a pip!"

To his mind it was the last insult, the most outrageous
calumny.  He had no worse epithet at his command.

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Fastest Mile: 7:08 (old: 7:45)
Fastest 5k: 26:42 (old: 26:53)
Weekly Mileage: 16
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Jungian Profile: INTJ; Introverted(89%), Intuitive(22%), Thinking(56%), Judging(1%)

Brain Hemisphere Dominance: Left Hemisphere